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5 Great Ways to Use a Batch of Quinoa

So you cooked up a batch of quinoa and now have a mountain of it sitting in the fridge. Of course you do because no one ever realizes how much a small amount of dry quinoa actually makes. It's easy to go overboard when you make this delicious, protein packed seed. And, making extra quinoa is also a great way to plan ahead for future meals. Having quinoa cooked and ready in the refrigerator is a definite plus when you're trying to throw together a nutritious meal in minutes for your family. Once you have...


Encore Appearances for Leftover Holiday Potatoes

Leftover mashed potatoes are often the last thing you want to face for days or weeks after the big feast over the holidays. Everything else gets used up, but there's that bowl of mashed potatoes, still sitting there. Finding creative ways to use mashed potatoes in repeat performances is easier than you think. Let's take a look at a few ways to reuse your leftover potatoes so you will never again be faced with a bowl of spoiled potatoes in your refrigerator. Breads Believe it or not, potatoes actually mak...


Safety Tips for Bagged Lunches

We look forward to eating lunch. It’s a time to catch up with coworkers or friends over a good meal. Whether you have thirty minutes or an hour, follow some safety precautions so that the food you eat won’t come back to haunt you. The first safety issue with food concerns keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Now, with hot foods, they won’t stay hot for several hours but an insulated container or Thermos allows for lukewarm or room temperature foods. Even if the food needs to be ...


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